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NASCO CORPORATION was incorporated in March, 1975 by Mr. Y. Nakano and Mr. H. Usui, who had worked for former company name, Nippon Calculating Machine Corp. (changed its name to BUSICOM Corp) produced a range of calculators leading up to of the development of world's first microprocessor with Intel Corp, the Intel 4004. and its first use in a machine of any sort, the Busicom 141PF Printing Calculator. But a recession was hitting Japan and during 1974 Busicom in Japan became the first major Japanese company in the calculator industry to fail.After the failure of Busicom Japan, NASCO Corporation was established in Tokyo.

The company's principle activities are the supply, marketing, design and development of specialized office/business machines.

NASCO is a customer-oriented firm that keeps in close contact with each distributor worldwide in order to continuously collect information on user requirements and market trends. Our mutual dialogues enable us to stay informed and to assist us in learning about your problems and expectations. This will support us in developing individual solutions for you. NASCO provides high quality products developed under the company's basic philosophy that every product should be designed, developed, and quality controlled inhouse. Our basic concept is that increasing distributor profits make the profits their own.

NASCO Corporation, specializes in developing and supplying Electronic Printing Calculator, Cash Registers, Cash Drawers, POS Terminals and Peripherals collaborating with each specialized manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan and China through our R & D process with high quality products under our NASCO brand as well as OEM brand into the world wide markets. We will keep developing design and hoping to create a full range of hardware solution the POS market.

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