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Heavy-Duty Standard Full Size  Metal Cash Drawer

  • Dimensions:  410(W) x 415(D) x 100/114(H)mm including rubber foot

  • 5 or 8 Coin/4 or 5 Bill (Metal Wire Gripper as standard) Removable Coin Tray and Coin Separator available

  • Voltage 12V 1A 12-ohm or 24V 0.8A 32-ohm

  • Two Media Slot as standard. One media slot also available Option: Stainless Steel front panel available

  • 3-Position Manual Lock and Manual Open

  • 6P/4C RJ11 connector as standard, 6P/6C with Micro switch as option

  • Durability: MTBF 1,000,000 over cycles

  • Serial Port & USB interface available as option Locked lids and Under-counter mounting bracket available as option

  • Net weight: 6.5 Kg

  • Color: Black or White as standard

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